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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Remix OS 2.0 Free Download with Usb installer

                       REMIX OS 2.0

Remix OS 2.0 is the Android operating system just like Windows and Mac which helps you get the Android experience on big screen on your new as well as old PC's. The Keyboard shortcuts are same as Windows. This great OS is made by Jide Technologies which made Remix mini as a Kickstarter for this project. 

Remix OS 2.0 free download

The Company aims to make this OS free of cost to every one and is officially going to lauch it in Mid -January (Some website claims 12th january as a release date).
Nowadays various emulators are available which runs Android apps on Desktop. But they are laggy and have some problems and are not supported in all the Desktops. So Remis Os would be a great competitior to all those emulators. Moreover some emulators require Virtualization enabled which many users dont know how to do that and end up in uninstalling that emulator.

Remix OS 2.0 Free Download with Usb installer

As a keypoint we can note that as a separate OS it will have a full access to RAM and Graphics which wont make this OS laggy. Moreover it runs on Android Lollipop version.

A reddit user – Orion Grant published the link which has the torrent files of the Remix OS and the USB Tool.

Download Link:-

Monday, June 1, 2015

How to update to Windows 10 Free


Wait is Over!!! Now it is launched.
It is available for download to registered users.
Check in Windows update from control panel.

Yes, this is true. Microsoft today announced its upcoming OS Microsoft windows 10 lauch date and yes it is july 29. Heres how it will Look.

Windows 10 free download

So just reserve your upgrade copy by following this link 

Read the instructions carefully so that you can reserve it for your present OS
You will get a notification in system tray when this update is ready for your PC and by clicking that notification update process will start.
Download Free Microsoft Windows 10 insider preview ISO