Monday, June 1, 2015

How to update to Windows 10 Free


Wait is Over!!! Now it is launched.
It is available for download to registered users.
Check in Windows update from control panel.

Yes, this is true. Microsoft today announced its upcoming OS Microsoft windows 10 lauch date and yes it is july 29. Heres how it will Look.

Windows 10 free download

So just reserve your upgrade copy by following this link 

Read the instructions carefully so that you can reserve it for your present OS
You will get a notification in system tray when this update is ready for your PC and by clicking that notification update process will start.
Download Free Microsoft Windows 10 insider preview ISO 


This update is only available for Laptop and PC users ( no news revealed for mobile and tablets ). The price is also not revealed. Currently 4 million people are using the windows 10 developer preview through windows insider program which is far more awesome. The other best thing is that now we will get Cortana ( Voice assistant just like Siri, Google Now ) on our Desktop which would be major change and thats why there will be more demand and more purchases of Windows 10 OS. It has new feature called Windows Continuum which lets you to turn your smartphone to PC. It brings back the start menu which was seen in Windows 7. Microsoft also ensured that all apps would work smoothly from previous version. The look and feel will be a pleasant experience. Now you wont see internet Explorer browser, instead they have provided a fresh new browser named Microsoft Edge.

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