Friday, June 6, 2014

Speaktoit assistant apk free download Vs Apple SiRi for ANDROID and PC (Best Alternative)

SiRi is a virtual assistant app developed only for iOS. It can only be used in iPhones and iPads.This app helps you perform tasks easily by voice recognition. 
Android users are eagerly waiting for this app to be launched for their devices. Although this app is just for iOS , many app makers have tried to make apps similar to it. One of the best app among them i am sharing with you. The name of that app is 

                                Speaktoit Assistant

Apple SiRi free download for ANDROID and PC (Best Alternative)

Speaktoit Assistant is a virtual partner for the user of the Android device.This app has been included in TOP 10 position by various top companies like PC world , Forbes, red herring , New york times,etc All have rated it with 5 stars ★★★★★.

It is compatible with android version 2.2 or higher. 

Apple SiRi free download for ANDROID and PC (Best Alternative)

It answers your queries, launches application, finds you places, maps, tasks, calender notes,etc The pros of this are never ending. This app is a must for all the android users. Yopu can also change character and name of your assistant. Also you can type and chat with assistant for working with your queries. You can ask for the temperature as well as search the map by just speaking or writing the name of the location. It shows you the temperature in Fahrenheit of current , afternoon and tomorrow. You can talk, find things, answer questions, perform tasks, read, configure, notify ,etc in this free app. It remembers your favourite places, preference, service, current location , your data, tasks and uses the best from the prefernces  you made.It is a multi language assistant and is available in spanish, english, russian,korean, portuguese, chinese, etc and many other languages are still in development stages. It also learns and is always at your service.

Apple SiRi free download for ANDROID and PC (Best Alternative)

This is a perfect alternative to apple siri. You can see that the list of assistant speaktoit skills are much more to be describe here. You can check it above the voice recognition that there is a bulb. some of them i have already described here. Most amazing thing is that it can also post status to twitter, facebook,etc . It also sets time for your meetings. It can also translate languages.It can also send email, text message, whatsapp ,etc .
For the app to work in PC Download Bluestacks and then install this app in it.

Apple SiRi free download for ANDROID and PC (Best Alternative)

It also has Upgrade to premium feature where there are many features available like

  • Unlimited access to its services.
  • Teach your assistant new skill to respond to your command specifically.
  • Change gender,clothes and voice of Assistant.
  • Ad-Free
  • Pin lock 
  • Voice activation: just speak "Hey Assistant" to divert its attention to respond to your commands.

You should upgrade to premium because it is worth it !!!

                           Download link:-

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