Saturday, February 8, 2014

How to Unlock Android Pattern Lock without Internet Connection

Unlocking an Andriod Pattern

For Security reasons every Android User is using Lock Pattern to ensure safety and that it does not go in wrong hands. Wrong attempts Locks the phone for some Minutes or permanently. 

How to Unlock Android Pattern Lock without Internet Connection

Being Permanently locked , you have to enter the user id you entered in Google Play store to unlock your phone Or you have to go to some retail Shop and give money to unlock your Smartphone. 

This becomes costly as you have to pay money everytime when you are hanged up in this situation. But if you do not have internet access DONT WORRY. You can unlock your smartphone with this COOL TRICK without using Internet.

How to Unlock Android Pattern Lock without Internet Connection

Just follow the simple steps to Unlock your Smartphone without any money and without Internet connection:-

STEP 1 :- The smartphone wants you to enter the user email id that you entered in the play store.

STEP 2:-  If you dont remember that , DONT WORRY.

STEP 3:- SWITCH OFF your Smartphone.

STEP 4:- Press and hold UP VOLUME KEY.

STEP 5:- Press and hold Home button.

STEP 6:- Press the power button, and after it is switched on release that button.

STEP 7:- Now you can see that you have entered in a secret ANDROID MENU.

STEP 8:- You can use Volume up-down OR Home button for Navigation of menu items.


STEP 10:- This thing takes some time so dont worry about it.

STEP 11:- Now your smartphone will be restarted.

STEP 12:- Thats it You are Done !!! The pattern Problem is Fixed :)  ENJOY

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