Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Trick on how to increase download speed in IDM using IDM Optimizer Free Download

Increase download speed of IDM

Internet Download Manager is one of the best download managers available and which I also use , can increase download speed of upto 5 times. You can notice(see) the speed of the active downloads by viewing the “Transfer rate”. But only some people know that they can increase the downloading speed of IDM . It is very simple trick, you can just increase up the download speed by properly configuring the software so that your bandwidth is used maximum. So now I am going to show you the trick of how to increase speed of IDM.

STEP 1 Open the IDM. (Download link :- )

STEP 2 :  Then, click on Downloads Tab in the IDM  menubar and go to Speed Limiter. 

STEP 3 : Uncheck it so that there will be no speed limit on download speed.

Simple Trick on how to increase the download speed of IDM using IDM Optimizer 100% working Free Download

STEP 4 : Now, go to Options in the in IDM menu and change Connection Type/speed to HIGH so that more bandwidth of your connection will be used by  IDM.

STEP 5 :  Now change the default maximum connection number to 16.

Now click  Ok and save the settings. You are Done. Now you can observe that the download speed has been increased upto a certain level.

Working trick to increase download speed of IDM  via IDM Optimizer 

To use this trick firstly you have to install  IDM on your pc/laptop. Now follow the  steps given below.

STEP 1 :  Download 
IDM Optimizer. (press ctrl + S to download or file ==>Download)

Simple Trick on how to increase the download speed of IDM using IDM Optimizer 100% working Free Download

STEP 2 : After downloading the IDM Optimizer, launch it. Now you will see the window as shown above.
STEP 3 : Click on "Maximize Now" button. 
STEP 4 : You will be notified to restart your IDM. Restart it and after that retart your pc.That’s it. You are done. ENJOY.

Now open IDM and  download any file. You can see that the files are downloaded with better speed than  the previous of IDM Optimizer. 

Buy it. It is worth it...



  1. Thanks for your information. I followed your steps then increased my internet speed. After i have checked my internet speed from this site

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  5. thanks this is really great tips.. i increased my downloading speed easily with this tips